Open-Source Fluidics for Synthetic Biology

MIT IAP 2014

DNA assembly is the foundational technology for Synthetic Biology. In this graduate course, students developed proficiency in 3D design and fabrication technologies and constructed fluidic devices for assembling synthetic DNA. Students fabricated multi-input 3D fluidics for mixing DNA and enzyme solutions on-chip, culminating in the assembly of genetic circuits, which were booted up in bacteria and assayed for function.



Student course Comments

“This was by far the best class I’ve taken at MIT. I can’t believe how much I learned, and I had so much fun!”

-Che-Wei Wang, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory


“The class was among the very best I’ve ever had. Thanks and congratulations!”

-Alec Nielsen, Graduate Student, Synthetic Biology Center


“I had such a great time the last two weeks. I wish all of MIT could be more like that! We were really blown away by how much work and attention you gave to the class, it made it really special for all of us. Being able to learn things and work on projects that we couldn't do anywhere else is really why we're here.”

-Taylor Levy, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory


“Great course, great vibe and energy. So glad I had the chance to participate. Great group of people. Surrounded by brilliant scientists and cutting-edge technology, I can't ask for more. This course needs to be offered again in the near future.”

-Jaime Jose Rivera, Graduate Student, Biological Engineering


“It was a great class and I can see how it would make a perfect once-a-week semester class where [one] would have the opportunity to digest and go deeper into the knowledge and technology”

-Julie Legault, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory

STUDENT COMMENTS Regarding instructor

“Extremely strong communication skills, great attitude, ability to inspire students. Really went the extra mile to make it a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone. Very accessible and open to feedback. Really impressed.”

-Steven Keating, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory


“[I rate the instructor from 1 to 5] 6!!! The extra point goes for the authentic enthusiasm and [his] ability to pass it on to us. Very engaging instructor. [The instructor was] enthusiastic, knowledgeable, open to experimentation and exploring other ideas during class. Creating a relaxed atmosphere was key for the success of the class."

- Octavio Mondragón-Palomino, Post-Doc, Synthetic Biology Center


“[The instructor had] deep domain knowledge and excellent teaching / organization skills andhigh responsibility”

-Lining Yao, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory


“[The instructor’s] passion for the project / subject was contagious and [another strength was] his dedication to the class and our interests”

-Julie Legault, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory


“[The instructor] was really good at pulling together some very cool and diverse speakers, and then helping us actually get something made in only 2 weeks!”

-Marzyeh Ghassemi, Graduate Student, CSAIL


“Everything was explained so thoroughly and clearly with a ton of enthusiasm. A++”

-Che-Wei Wang, Graduate Student, Media Laboratory